Nerve Vault Incident — Snapshot of funds complete.

Eleven Finance
2 min readJul 16, 2021

Thanks to everyone for their patience. After lots of hard work we have now retrieved all data and finalised the snapshot, identifying a list of wallets affected by the Nerve Vault Exploit.

This was no easy feat and we need to thank all involved from both within the Eleven Finance team as well as external parties for there help (shout out to @AlladaBlaise on Twitter for their database assistance).

Find the official snapshot below:

If you were affected please follow the below instructions:

If you were affected in the exploit, find your vaults in the tabs and search for your wallet (CTRL-F helps).
Once you have found your wallet data, check the snapshotted 11token balance you had just before exploit. Next to it, you will see the corresponding historical price in BUSD (the currency that will be paid out to your wallet).
If everything is OK — you don’t have to do anything.
If you think something is wrong, get in contact with us to review your case. Best contact to do this is through official Eleven Finance Telegram ( alternatively DM on Twitter.
Once the claiming period is over, you will receive 25% of your BUSD snapshot directly to your snapshotted wallet.

Note: all funds must be sent to the exploited addresses. If for any reason you have problems with that, you will have to prove ownership of the original address by signing a message.

We will leave the snapshot data open for review for one week allowing time for the community to review.

We will then complete the airdrop of the 25% BUSD following this.

Let us take this opportunity to again thank our community, both those affected and not affected, we understand this has been a very challenging and stressful time for all. We look forward to closing off this chapter and moving forward with both further steps of the recovery plan (see article) as well as continuing to grow and build Eleven Finance.