Eleven Finance — Nerve Vaults Exploit. An important community update.

Eleven Finance
2 min readSep 30, 2021

Our Eleven Finance community would be aware of the exploit suffered by our Nerve Vaults on BSC nearly 3 months ago. More details regarding this information can be found in a previously published article here:


We would like update our community with recent progress in this case. With the assistance of Peckshield communication has been made with the exploiter who has agreed on return of funds to Eleven Finance.

As per their request they have asked the following message to be shared:

I am the exploiter of the eleven finance nerve vaults, It has been a while since the exploit happened, but I do not wish to keep the money now.

I should’ve thought it better before doing the exploit, I thought of giving it back shortly after the event but unfortunately I acted maliciously back then, but I can’t change that now, I really regret my decision.

I’m asking for your help to give the money back.

Funds are currently held in address 0xd31dC19a1d46c43561F2a70B77C3b8318133e87e on the ethereum mainnet.

I sent a blank transaction from the original attack address 0xc71e2F581b77De945C8A7A191b0B238c81f11eD6
on the binance smart chain to prove that I own both addresses.

I have had no success in contacting the devs and that’s why I sent this message in hopes that you’ll communicate this to them.

I want them to make a post which contains this message and an address to send the money to, If they do that I will send the money to the address they tell me the next day.

After that It is their responsibility to refund their users.

The vaults had a variety of tokens, but I sold everything for stablecoins shortly after the attack and as for now I have more or less the same amount in USD that those tokens amounted to back then, around (4.5 mil).

It is not ideal but It is the best I can do now.

At the time I did not know if the attack was going to work and I had no serious long term plan on what to do afterwards, because of this the money has been sitting in my wallets for a little more than 3 months now, and after thinking it for a while, I really don’t know what to do with it so the best thing would be to try and give it back.

Getting money from stealing is empty,

My sincere apologies to anyone affected by my actions.

In sharing the above message both via this Medium post and Twitter we would sincerely appreciate the exploiter following through with their plan and returning the funds to the Eleven Finance deployer address on BSC or the corrosponding address on Ethereum.

We thank our community for understanding the need for this form of communication as per the request of the exploiter and hope that this can be brought to a swift and rightful conclusion.