Eleven.Finance brings Leveraged Yield Farming to Binance Smart Chain

Eleven.Finance is proud to announce the launch of our leveraged yield farming (LYF) product on Binance Smart Chain!

Those familiar with Eleven.Finance would be aware that we were born on Binance Smart Chain in early 2021. At the time we were a yield optimizer only, and since have experienced rapid growth including cross chain expansion to Polygon, Avalanche, OKex Chain and Fantom. We have also developed and launched a leveraged yield farming offering on Polygon, Avalanche and Fantom. This has allowed users the ability to lend and earn interest on otherwise static assets though our eleBANKS as well borrow to leveraged yield farm and maximise returns.

Returning to Binance Smart Chain with our leveraged yield farming product allows users on #BSC to take advantage of PancakeSwap’s incentivised pools with leverage. Our product will look to integrate with Ellipsis Finance to enable low fee and slippage swaps for high leverage on stable/stable LYF pairs. Including We will look to add further pools taking advantage of the #BSC ecosystem in the near future.

Lenders will be able to provide bUSD, wBNB, wBTC and wETH to our eleBANKS to earn interest on otherwise stagnant assets. We will continue our strategy of depositing unutilised eleBANK assets in other lending protocols to maximise returns for lenders, even if banks have lower utilisation. This will be powered through integration of Venus lending pools.

We are excited to be back on #BSC where it all began for Eleven.Finance. We have plenty more innovation and expansion in store, as well as our core goal of bringing low fee yield optimisation and leveraged farming to all defi users wherever they are!




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