Eleven Finance and Quickswap — ELE LP migration on Polygon.

Eleven Finance
2 min readJun 9, 2021

We at Eleven Finance have well and truly settled in after expanding our vault offerings to the Polygon/Matic Network less than 2 weeks ago. Over this time our number of vaults as quickly grown and along with it our TVL, which stands in excess of $28 million USD on Polygon alone.

With this growth we have sought out ways further incentivise liquidity for our native token, $ELE on Polygon/Matic. We thought what better place to head than one of the biggest and most trusted exchanges on Polygon, Quickswap.

In partnership with Quickswap we will be offering double incentives for both ELE/MATIC and ELE/QUICK qLP (Quickswap LP token) pairs. ELE rewards of 3000 ELE/day (from our crosschain fund) will be distributed across these qLPs, which will be matched in value with QUICK rewards from the Quickswap team.

We’ve made use of a variety of vault strategies utilising qLPs and this further expands on this, in a partnership that will allow for essentially double APR for our ELE liquidity providers!

We will open vaults for these pairs at Eleven.Finance moving ELE rewards from the Sushiswap (sLP) pair. These rewards will be dramatically reduced as of now, and cease completely in one weeks time. For those current sLP providers to enjoy these rewards, remove your liquidity from Sushiswap and add to quickswap.exchange.

Direct link for liquidity add here.

For more information on either of the projects check out:

Website: eleven.finance

Twitter: twitter.com/ElevenFinance

Telegram: t.me/ElevenFinance

Telegram ANN: t.me/ElevenAnnouncements

Gitbooks: 11eleven-11finance.gitbook.io/bigfoot/



Site: quickswap.exchange

Telegram: t.me/QuickSwapDEX