Two separate platforms harnessing the power of the interoperability of DeFi to do great things for users.

The Polygon DeFi ecosystem is a vibrant and fast moving space that has seen the key platforms build out, gain popularity and emerge as key players.

1. The Exploit

Our platform currently hosts more than 200 vaults in two chains using different yield optimization strategies. A few days ago, a malicious exploiter found a way to abuse one small subset of vaults and successfully drained all their funds.

With this growth we have sought out ways further incentivise liquidity for our native token, $ELE on Polygon/Matic. We thought what better place to head than one of the biggest and most trusted exchanges on Polygon, Quickswap.

In partnership with Quickswap we will be offering double incentives for both ELE/MATIC and ELE/QUICK qLP (Quickswap LP token) pairs. ELE rewards of 3000 ELE/day (from our crosschain fund) will be distributed across these qLPs, which will be matched in value with QUICK rewards from the Quickswap team.


A flexible fee model has allowed us to increase the burn rate and buy pressure on our $ELE token by %466 this was achieved through lowering the developer fund and controller allocation and reducing ELE dividends to stakers.

Our powers combined!

Eleven Finance

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