As Eleven Finance users would be aware, we have recovered the full amount of funds that were exploited from our Nerve Vaults on Binance Smart Chain a little over 3 months ago.

Please see the details of the exploit and initial recovery plan here:

Please see the most recent…

Our Eleven Finance community would be aware of the exploit suffered by our Nerve Vaults on BSC nearly 3 months ago. More details regarding this information can be found in a previously published article here:

We would like update our community with recent progress in this case. With the…

Two separate platforms harnessing the power of the interoperability of DeFi to do great things for users.

The Polygon DeFi ecosystem is a vibrant and fast moving space that has seen the key platforms build out, gain popularity and emerge as key players.

Two of these are Iron Finance and…

Those who know, have known for a while, we have been planning a roll-out of our new and improved leveraged yield farming platform on the Polygon network for some time now.

We’d like to use this article to introduce this platform and talk through some of its features and benefits…

Thanks to everyone for their patience. After lots of hard work we have now retrieved all data and finalised the snapshot, identifying a list of wallets affected by the Nerve Vault Exploit.

This was no easy feat and we need to thank all involved from both within the Eleven Finance…

First and foremost, thanks everyone for your patience and continued support. Despite everything that has happened recently, the community has stayed united and this gives us a lot of motivation to keep working hard everyday. …

Approximately 36 hours ago the Eleven Finance team was made aware of an exploit targeting it’s Nerve vaults this included the following:

bfusd (just unutilised funds in NRV vaults, not funds being lent)

This has resulted in a 100% loss of funds from these vaults…

We at Eleven Finance have well and truly settled in after expanding our vault offerings to the Polygon/Matic Network less than 2 weeks ago. …

As long time users of Eleven Finance would be aware we have incentivised usage of our platform through distribution of our native token ELE through farming rewards. Those using our vaults could stake in our farms for ELE on top of great APY from vault strategies.

In the early days…

Our Bigfoot leveraged yield farming platform has been live for a while now, slowing gaining traction. A phased launch of this platform has always been the plan, but today we take this to the next level with the launch of BigfootUSD (bfUSD) and leveraged stablecoin yield farming.

Introduction to bfUSD

Eleven Finance

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